The Internet landscape is filled with many things that keep us endlessly entertained: cat videos, Kardashian Instagram feeds, and finding out what the former child stars of our youth look like now and swooning over them.

Let us all rejoice in the latter: Toran Caudell (what a name!) former voice of Nickelodeon’s Arnold in Hey Arnold turned out to be really, really (whoa! really!) really good-looking, you guys.

The last time we saw (or rather, heard) him, he was a squeaky-voiced pre-teen with a penchant for finding the moral core of any situation, so it’s hard to imagine him as a bearded, handsome, grown up man, but yet here we are. According to Caudell’s IMBD page, it looks like you can spot this former Nick star in Nashville (where he played a guy named Bobby for one episode) and Satisfaction. Caudell also dabbles in music —his Wiki page points out that he spends time singing for the LA-based band DieRadioDie. Here is some more proof that IRL Arnold grew up to be a total looker:

It’s unclear whether Caudell will be voicing the older Arnold in the Hey Arnold! revival movie —but we sure hope so.

(Images via Nickelodeon and Twitter)