Sabrina Stone
April 27, 2015 5:17 am

Allow me to me introduce you to Wings of Rescue,  the most heartwarming, selfless organization I’ve ever heard of, made up of a group of pilots who spend their free time becoming guardian angels for thousands of animals.

Wings of Rescue pilots volunteer their spare time to fly homeless pets from underfunded, overcrowded shelters to loving, forever homes. They’re giving all these animals a final chance at happiness and it’s all volunteer-based. How incredible and admirable is that?!

Many of these dogs and cats are days or hours from being euthanized, just due to a lack of space and funding at their current shelter. Some of the animals are pregnant or injured or newborn and wouldn’t be able to handle a long, hot, bumpy truck ride—but after 3-4 hours on a plane, they’re where they’re meant to be, with their new families!

While “Wings of Rescue” has California covered, “Pilots N Paws” heads up the East Coast effort, with their South Carolina base.

Together, they cover a lot of ground, moving cats and dogs from overpopulated animal states to ones like Washington, Oregon, New York, New Jersey and Florida, where there is a bigger need for companion animals.

“Pilots N Paws” have already flown over 75,000 animals to new homes in the past seven years, Kate Quinn, the organization’s executive director told the Associated Press.

“We have seen the number of animals rescued go up every year since we started in 2008,” she added.

Before takeoff, every dog is spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and in just one weekend, these organizations are able to provide transport for as many as 250 furry friends per flight.

This year alone, Yehuda Netanel and his team of 2 dozen pilots at “Wings of Rescue” plan on relocating around 7,000 animals.

Come on, humankind, give us more beautiful, generous, inspiring people like these pilots!

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