Karen Belz
May 24, 2017 8:17 am

You might not know “Unimpressed Chloe” by name — but you’ll definitely know her by her facial expression. Roughly four years ago, “Unimpressed Chloe” became a meme. If you’ve ever been on any forum in the world, you’ve likely seen her grimace as a response to something questionable.

But, it’s important to remember that memes are people. And oftentimes, they have no control over how far their photo will go. For Chloe, it was just a face she made after learning that her family was going to Disneyland.

One look, and she joined the ranks of McKayla Maroney, the gymnast who also went viral for similar reasons.

Chloe and her sister Lily quickly got their own YouTube channel. Makes sense — after all, the two sisters are extremely entertaining.

But what’s Chloe up to these days? Well, it’s safe to say that she’s embraced her stardom.

Not only does she give away autographs to all of her fans, but her face even appeared on this elevator in Brazil.

Why? Well, because in Brazil, she’s actually part of an ad campaign for Google.

Who would have thought?

The two sisters have also had a few more adventures in the past four years.

While it’s definitely not as cool as Brazil (or Disneyland), the sisters were recently shown having a blast at the Disney Store.

We’re so glad that their love of Disney (well, Lily’s love of Disney at least) is still alive and well. And we’re so glad that her very cute frowny moment from years ago is making her smile today.