period dream
Credit: Getty Images/PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou

When it comes to our periods, so many things still remain a mystery. Although there are conflicting opinions about some things, like whether or not we actually sync up with our friends or if PMS can ever be “cured,” we do have some new insight into what it means when you dream about getting your period. Of course, when it comes to dreams nothing is an exact science. Since every person is different and has different experiences, it’s hard to pin down *exactly* what symbols mean in our sweet, sweet dreams.

It can be weird when you dream about getting your period, especially when you don’t already have it and it’s not your brain trying to tell you to wake up and change your tampon or something. But if you’ve ever dreamt that you’re in the middle of a room with a huge period stain or running around to take care of something related to your menstrual cycle, it can feel more like a nightmare than a dream. Hey, periods can be stressful in waking life, so you better believe that they are in dreamland, too.

Elite Daily reported that in Dream Bible, having a dream about your period can mean this:

It goes onto say that dreaming of dripping period blood means you’re upset about someone’s irresponsible actions. Now, we know that everyone’s different and feels all sorts of ways about their period, but doesn’t this all sound a little negative? Like, it’s not necessarily irresponsible to have a period leak and TBH, sometimes dealing with periods isn’t even all that annoying. (Alright, it usually is, but it’s all about attitude, right?)

The website Dream Moods has a more, shall we say neutral stance on period symbolism:

Just like so many other things in our dreams, it’s really all open to interpretation, which means that how you feel about your period and every thing else going on in your life will definitely affect what your period dreams actually mean. Just remember not to let your period get in the way of anything super cool happening in your dreams, just like you wouldn’t in real life.