Here’s Taylor Swift casually voting like the truest American

As American citizens, it’s our duty and our right to choose our next President and Commander-in-Chief. And today, November 8th, is the day to do just that. With an election as tumultuous as this one, everyone is uber aware of how important casting a vote is. While never having endorsed a candidate during the election, Taylor Swift still knows how important voting today is.

Swift posted a photo of herself on Instagram waiting in line at her local voting station (most likely in Nashville), causing fans to ruminate on theories about who the singer is voting for. Some are even hinting at the fact that Swift supports Hillary based on the cold-shoulder sweater she wore to vote. The style hints at the Donna Karan dress Clinton sported years ago.

“Today is the day,” Swift captioned the pic. “Go out and VOTE.”

Other celebs are also taking to social media to tell their followers to “rock the vote.” This could be the most important election of our lifetime, so passing up the opportunity to take part shouldn’t be an option!

Friend of T.Swift’s and avid Hillary supporter, Lena Dunham, posted a photo on her Instagram showing that she and boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, also took to the polls today.

And Clinton campaigner and supporter, America Ferrera showed off the completion of her civic duty, captioning her Instagram photo, “Democracy rules! One voice, one vote! Get your vote on! #ivoted.”

Actor, Chris D’Elia shared a funny photo on Instagram of his tiny island of a polling station. He said it cost him over $700 and 3 days to fly there and back, but that did not deter him from fufilling his duty!

So get out there and do your American thing! Every vote makes a difference and could determine the fate of America for the next four years and beyond.