If you’ve been on the internet at all the past few days, chances are you’ve seen it; a mysterious listing for a home in Cayce, South Carolina that has been making the rounds because the Zillow listing is just oh so spooky. And while we are here for any and every ghost story possible, including but not limited to a house inhabited by such ghouls, sadly, this home is not one of them.

The original listing went viral because of a mysterious unseen upstairs tenant that wasn’t paying rent but was on the lease. The listing also said to NOT enter the upstairs apartment under any circumstance. Turns out this mysterious upstairs apartment wasn’t housing a ghost. According to WIS10, the upstairs tenant’s name is Randall McKissick and he is a 70-year-old retired artist.

Talk about not even knowing you’re famous! The news reports says that Randall started living upstairs after going through a hard time when his friend decided to help him out. His friend Mike offered up his place to live after Randall got kicked out of his own place after the rent got too high. Mike, who’s the owner of the property, has been friends with Randall since they were children. Not only is this a sweet case of friends helping friends, but it’s also our latest favorite on internet sensations who didn’t even know they were internet sensations.

Sadly, this means there aren’t any ghouls haunting the upstairs of this house. But at least whoever moves in has a cool artistic neighbor upstairs! You can just call us Nancy Drew for solving this mystery.