Surprise! There’s a secret hidden other OTHER Facebook message folder that none of us knew about until… yesterday. Turns out, while you have your main message inbox, and the “message requests” tab that lets you see messages from those you aren’t directly connected to on Facebook, there’s a THIRD inbox as well. This third inbox is a “filtered” inbox, where Facebook has taken the liberty to sort messages into spam all by itself.

While this is thoughtful of Facebook and all, some of these messages are NOT spam. We looked through our filtered inbox here at HelloGiggles and found a lot of messages from people actually trying to connect with us (and show us dopplegangers), but none of them are necessarily “spammy” messages. They’re all perfectly fine. So why did Facebook have to go and hide them from us for so long?

We’re not the only ones kinda miffed over this third, and super secret, inbox. Wait, maybe miffed is the wrong word, and we should say, “completely entertained.”

While this might be fun and games right now, some are truly frustrated with this, like journalists looking to connect with sources or clients looking to grow their business.

But hey, look on the bright side, friends. Now you sort of have a valid excuse as to why you didn’t get back to so many people for sooo long.