Festival season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to load up on cut-off jean shorts and anything with fringe at the thrift store. It’s time to road trip out to a remote location to jam out to our favorite artists in a crowd of sweaty people. You know…it’s time for Coachella!

Going to a music festival is a right of passage. Everyone should do it at some point, but as you get older the novelty of a sleepless weekend partying in the middle of nowhere wears off. Heat exhaustion and dehydration overpower the magic of a ferris wheel in the desert. It’s hard for even Beyoncé to captivate you when she’s a speck in the distance and all you want is a comfy chair, good food, and a strong drink.

When you reach your 30s, festivals just become crowded fields, hot days, cold nights, overpriced fair food, and all the joys of camping with thousands of strangers. As exciting as that sounds, there’s a way out of it. Hotel Paseo. This boutique hotel is an oasis in the desert sent to save you from the music festivals of your youth.

Located in Palm Desert, California, the boutique hotel is a breath of fresh air from the crowded parking lots of the festival grounds. You will be greeted by a bright lobby with a conveniently placed Starbucks for all your caffeine needs. You can also catch a glimpse of the sparkling pool and pristine back lawn where you’ll likely spend most of your time.

Instead of the sleeping bags festival campers will be shivering in, you get a luxurious bed where you’ll actually be able to get the beauty rest you deserve.

If avoiding sleeping on the ground doesn’t convince you that this is how festivals were meant to be spent, the bathroom probably will. The luxury shower will keep the festival scents at bay and you never have to step into a port-o-potty, aka everyone’s worst nightmare. Not only can you get your daily pampering on (just imagine all the millennials taking baby wipe “showers” at a campground), you can get the full spa treatment.

Say goodbye to a weekend being forced to eat overpriced corndogs and burgers. Say hello to gourmet food you’ll not only willingly spend money on, but actually enjoy. Like really enjoy, as you sit in the beautiful AC3 restaurant with all the ambience and air conditioning you want/need.

Living in the lap of luxury is not just the Coachella you want in your 30s, it’s the one you deserve. So treat yourself to an unforgettable weekend. You don’t even have to go to the actual festival; just check in, put on your Beyoncé playlist and slay.

Now that’s how you do Coachella in your 30s.