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Mother’s Day is usually a lovely Sunday in May filled with sunshine, breakfast, and family gatherings. What could go wrong? Well, a lot of things, really, since we all know that family relationships can be complicated as heck. BUT, one thing that you can make sure is perfect this Mother’s Day is the bouquet of flowers you gift your mama.

Whether you’re thanking your village of moms for raising you right, or celebrating the lady who taught you everything you know about choosing the right shade of lipstick, many of us show our gratitude with a bouquet of blooms. Here’s how to make sure those pretties last for more than just a day or two.

1. Choose your vase wisely.

According to, size DOES matter when it comes to vases. If you have tall flowers, use a tall vase so the flowers don’t bend and break! And yes, wine bottles are tall and do work as vases.

2. Sterilize your vase before using it.

According to the manager of L.A.’s French Florist, Angela Floyd, the best way to ensure long-lasting flowers is to use a clean vase. For best results, first disinfect it with bleach and water (soap will work, too).

3. Use filtered water.

We know what you’re thinking: I don’t even always drink filtered water! But according to flower expert Floyd, filtered water “might be a worthwhile investment to help ensure your plant’s flowers stay their freshest for as long as possible.”

4. Invest in floral shears.

According to, what you use to cut the stems of your flowers also matters. No, regular ol’ scissors won’t suffice, because “the vessels which transport water up into the stems are easily damaged from the blunt side of the scissors, causing the flower to quickly deteriorate.” Nobody wants that, so get some sharp shears with which cut the ends of your bouquet properly.

5. Re-cut the ends of your stems (with newly acquired floral shears).

Each day, you should change the water in the vase and trim the ends, as being out of water (even for a short time) will cause the stems to dry at the bottom. Who knew flowers took so much work? According to Floyd, stems should be cut at an angle to create more surface area for the water to enter the stems and, if possible, they should be trimmed under-water to avoid air embolism.

6. Add the floral food.

Y’know that little packet that usually comes with a bouquet? Use it! The floral food helps reduce bacteria and provides nutrients to the flowers’ stems. If your bouquet didn’t come with this, you can make it yourself by mixing sugar, lemon or lime juice, and a bit of bleach together and adding that to the flowers’ water.

Happy Mother’s Day, we hope you enjoy your beautiful, flourishing bouquets for many weeks.