Kenya Foy
January 09, 2017 9:06 am
Debbie Barber /

Even if you’re not an expert in all things equine, you can flaunt some horse knowledge during your next dinner party by informing your guests that horses are absolute pros at entertaining themselves. Here to back up this fact is this video of a horse playing with a squeaky toy chicken, because the animals clearly don’t need anyone’s help to have all the fun they want.

Now, that’s not to suggest that horses can’t have besties (for the record, horses are known for forming cliques), but they can be perfectly content with toying around with random inanimate objects.

So, we thought we couldn’t get enough of watching a miniature horse playing with an exercise ball and having the time of his life, but THIS horse going HAM on a chicken toy is seriously making our entire day right now.

With the extreme jaw-clenching required to secure the chicken plus the non-stop neck work he’s putting in, we have a feeling this adorable horse might need an intense session of horse yoga to unwind after all this playful action.

Maybe it’s because we’re just as easily amused as this horse, but we can’t stop watching him go to town on this toy. But still, you haven’t felt the full impact of this clip until you’ve heard the audio.

Yes, the video continues on that way for an entire minute and some change. This horse is super adorable but after listening to that squeaky toy, we’re suddenly we’re reminded of why asking us to babysit is the worst idea ever.