Karen Fratti
Updated Oct 13, 2017 @ 2:19 pm
Taylor Swift
Credit: Big Machine

Although the old Taylor is dead, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many Taylor Swifts you can be for Halloween this year. In fact, there are so many iconic looks that it’ll be hard to choose just one (um, group costume with your squad, anyone?).

Some of Taylor’s looks will take more effort and wardrobe essentials to recreate than others, but with a little time and maybe a trip to the dollar or thrift store, you totally got this. And whether you’re full-on “Look What You Made Me Do” Tay, or classic “You Belong With Me” T-shirt and glasses Tay, your look is sure to be iconic.

Here are just a few of all the different Taylor Swifts you can be for Halloween.

1Cake Slasher Taylor

Okay, start with an LBD, some black gloves, and a silky sleep mask will. To really complete the scene from the “Blank Spaces” video, get a knife and a slice of cake to carry around for your grand entrance. (You can eat it later.)

2I’mma Let You Finish Taylor

Who can forget this epic moment at the MTV Video Music Awards? You’re going to need a sparkly silver dress, some fancy hair, and a DIY VMAs Moonperson. Great idea alert: If you have a bestie or a bae willing to dress like Kanye West that night and carry a mic around, you have the most hilarious couple’s costume ever.

3Taylor in her PJs

The look from the “Never Ever” video is classic. All you need are the best and most colorful pajamas you have. To make the look extra awesome, see if you can find a portable phone at a Goodwill store and carry it around, waiting for a call all night.

4High School Taylor

Another cozy T.Swift Halloween costume is her look from the “You Belong With Me” video. You can DIY the shirt, rock a messy side pony, and carry around a sign that says “Sorry” or “I love you” all night. Flannel pajama pants will make your night extra comfortable.

5Cat Lady Taylor

This is a new one, and just freaky enough to be the perfect Halloween costume. Rock some boots, a cat lady sweater, and a cat mask. Oh, and don’t forget the bat.

6Met Gala Taylor

Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Go futuristic by copying Tay’s look from the 2016 Met Gala. You can either go all out with the dress or DIY it with Washi tape and cardboard. Just make sure you have the platinum blonde bob to pull it together.

7Zombie Taylor

We’d be totally remiss if we didn’t mention this one. It’s a no brainer (pun intended!).

8Ballerina Taylor

Ditch your old Black Swan costume for this white version and pirouette your way through the night.

9Ringsmaster Taylor

It may be hard to fully recreate the sequined glory that was this outfit from the 2012 European Music Awards, but you can make it your own. Start with black high-waisted shorts, a black turtleneck and broach, and a red blazer. You can also totally paint a cheap plastic mic with red glitter paint, and you’ve basically nailed it.

10Unfortunate treadmill incident Taylor

This one might be a little obscure, but the truest Taylor fans at the party will not only get it, they’ll love it. Just rock the yoga pants, kicks, and headphones, and add a fake bruise on your head for extra authenticity. Maybe even a sign that says “Treadmill Taylor” to help everyone at the party put two and two together.

Whatever Taylor you decide to be, you’ll look great. And we have a feeling Swift herself would approve.