Brittany Malooly
Updated Jun 06, 2016 @ 5:34 pm
Credit: Getty Images/Rindoff/Le Segretain
Credit: Getty Images/Rindoff/Le Segretain

Apparently even the universally adored Emilia Clarke has haters, and she admitted in an interview with USA Today that this negativity sometimes affects her. She is HUMAN, after all. To cope with the trolls and naysayers, Clarke has a policy for herself — and that’s to keep the self-stalking to a minimum.

“I have a rule: I just don’t Google myself. I’m on social media, but I don’t look at the stuff that other people tag me in because it just (messes) me up. Like, ‘Oh, I’m hideous and fat,’ but then if I don’t read it, you save yourself from finding any haters out there. If you hate me, I don’t need to know.”

Yup, even the KHALEESI isn’t impervious to body shamers, and the unfair pressures of looking perfect all the time. While it’s completely unacceptable that Clarke even has to DEAL with that kind of negativity, we get why she would want to avoid looking herself up on the internet. While it’s probably tempting, it’s better to just take the high road and ignore the haters.

She also discussed what it’s like to be a famous person IRL. Does she have a ton of crazy fans bugging her constantly on the street?! Evidently not.

“I’m really lucky because I don’t look like Daenerys, so I’ve been able to observe the success of the show from afar, which has been really lovely. It’s allowed my family and friends to kind of be like, ‘Oh, OK,’ but not have to deal with me walking down the street and somebody going, ‘Ahhh!’ all the time. That doesn’t happen a bunch.”

But this might change soon for Emilia. She looks very much like herself in her latest role as the sweet and adorkable Lou in the novel-turned-film Me Before You, also starring Sam Clafin.

In an interview with Time, Emilia explained her choice to take on such a beloved character in the much-anticipated adaptation:

“I’ve made the naive choices to take on roles that are beloved in books, that’s literally everything I’ve done. For better or worse, I’ve worked really hard on all of them and tried very hard to make sure all the fans were happy and that I was on the right track. For the first time ever in [Me Before You], I read it and said I know her. I’ve got this.”

Yes you DO, Emilia.