Kenya Foy
Updated Feb 07, 2017 @ 2:59 pm
kids slam dunk trampoline
Credit: Vincent Tervooren /

Just because kids are young and inexperienced doesn’t mean they’re incapable of making societal contributions that move us to tears. Or laughter. Or both. You see, we just watched three minutes of kids trying to dunk using a trampoline, and this slam dunk contest fail has us cracking up and shielding our giggles with a face palm — it is so cringe-worthy.

We love kids and respect them as all-around amazing truth-tellers who fearlessly let us adults know when we’re doing messed up stuff like binge-watching extraction videos or blatantly ignoring their advice on our dating lives.

They have the answers to all of that and then some, but can we get a child, ANY child, to break down what went wrong here? We’ll wait…

Perhaps we can get a decent explanation from the little girl wearing pink who has a ringside seat next to the trampoline but eventually grows so exhausted of these young athletes’ shenanigans that she stops paying attention to the slam dunk competition and starts practicing her gymnastics moves.

We’re legitimately shocked! Of all the things we’d expect kids to master, the trampoline would be near the top of the list. Seriously, if goats can get the hang of trampolines, what happened here?

So maybe that was a little harsh and judgey of us. After all, slam dunking isn’t the easiest feat to pull off, and many of us know from personal experience that jumping on a trampoline can go from so much fun to super scary real quick.

Good luck with your future slam dunks, kids! We’ll continue heeding your thoughtful advice, but here’s a bit from us: Go find some goats to help you nail your trampoline technique before your next contest.