Kayleigh Roberts
July 25, 2015 1:26 pm

You probably know HelloFlo from their amazing viral ad campaigns, like the video featuring a young girl’s “First Moon Party,” that both made light of the emphasis we put on getting our first periods while simultaneously destigmatizing what it means to talk about them in the open. If you missed the video, take a second to watch it now.

HelloFlo followed up that incredible video with the tale of the Camp Gyno, the girl at summer camp who is prepared for all things periods and becomes something of a guru as a result. Both of these videos are, in addition to being hilariously awesome, great primers on the company itself, which is a subscription service that delivers all of a lady’s monthly necessities to her doorstep just in time for mother nature to come calling as well. While it’s open to menstruating humans of all ages, we’ve always been particularly interested in HelloFlo’s way of making it okay for everyone, but especially girls and young women, to openly discuss their periods.

In honor of HelloFlo’s genius summer camp kits, we caught up with founder Naama Bloom to talk about why she started the company and what it means to her now.

HG: What inspired you to found HelloFlo?
NB: Originally, it was just a simple idea. I wanted tampons to show up at my house a few days before my period to serve as a reminder and also make sure I was stocked up. After we released “Camp Gyno,” I realized that the business was so much more than a subscription for tampons and pads. I realized that women and girls were looking for a place to get information about their bodies in a way that wasn’t clinical and that lacked judgement or shame.

HG: What has been the most rewarding thing about starting HelloFlo?
NB: I have gotten so many emails from girls and women around the world telling me that our ads, kits, and content has been helpful to them and they are happy we exist. Many of them tell me that HelloFlo helped them through a transition because we were there with the information they needed. Those emails make my day.

HG: Talking about your period can be a really tough topic for young girls. What advice do you have for girls who need to start the big P conversation with their parents?
NB: Remember that half the world gets their period. Every month. It’s a natural part of life and it’s totally normal to be curious and have questions. Your parents understand because they were young once and when they were, they went through puberty too.

HG: What do you remember being the hardest thing about dealing with your period when you were younger? Has that inspired any specific aspect of HelloFlo?
NB: I was very fortunate in that my mother was very open with me and I had an older sister. I don’t remember ever not understanding what it was. However, I do remember wanting to get my period because I wanted to grow breasts (they never really came) and be bigger. Not being content with the stage of life you are currently in is a real thing for many people. In thinking about the content and kits at HelloFlo I try to acknowledge that discontent and also celebrate the actual moments of transition.

HG: What are some of the biggest misconceptions that you’ve heard young girls voice about getting their period?
NB: Mostly what girls are curious about is how much blood is it really. As well, many are stunned to find out that the blood isn’t bright red like when you cut your finger. And discharge! Everyone thinks it’s yucky, no one understands what it’s there for. But it has a real purpose (helps sperm travel to the eggs when you want a baby).

HG: HelloFlo is a business, but it also maintains a really informative and amazing blog. Is this educational aspect of the company a priority you had when you founded it?
NB: The content became a priority immediately following Camp Gyno. I heard from so many girls and women who wanted the content and had real questions they needed answered. Most people don’t realize this about us but the content has become the business. It’s our primary focus.

HG: HelloFlo has received a lot of attention for it’s hilarious and viral marketing. Where does the inspiration for commercials like First Moon Party and Camp Gyno come from? Did you have any idea when First Moon Party was filming that it would go as viral as it did?
NB: I never know what will happen with a piece of content when we’re creating it. I always hope that people will respond to it but it’s never possible to predict.
I know this seems strange but the inspiration comes from real life — I had a Camp Gyno when I was younger, and I know many parents who struggle because they want to celebrate their daughter’s transition through puberty.

HG: This summer, HelloFlo has been offering summer kits that are perfect for camp. Do you have any plans to roll out other new products or kits in the future? If so, can you tell us about any of them?
NB: We are working on some new kits for Fall.

(Image via HelloFlo.)