It’s Mr. Jermaine’s very first year teaching, but he’s already made a major impact on his fifth-grade class. In particular, one student’s note to the teacher will give you all the feels. Earlier this week, Mr. J discovered a letter from a little boy named Markus who wanted to let his teacher know just how much he means to him.


Although the school year is winding down and Markus won’t be in Mr J’s class next year, he made sure to tell his teacher that he’ll “never forget” about him.

He’s not the only one tearing up — the post has been shared over 141,000 times over the past three days. The replies show that the internet is collectively weeping right now.

Although a number of people asked if they could donate items for Mr J’s classroom, he responded that he appreciates the offer but doesn’t need anything. He did make sure to thank everyone for their love and support.

After just one year in the classroom, it seems like he’s already achieved his goal and then some.