Karen Belz
Updated Jun 21, 2016 @ 4:06 pm
Credit: Josh Marshall on Facebook

There is nothing more heartbreaking in this world than a child who has cancer. Gabriel Marshall, an 8-year-old from Kansas, was diagnosed in March of 2015 with anaplastic astrocytoma, which is a rare type of brain tumor. Size-wise, it resembled a golf ball. For his parents, obviously this diagnosis was awful. But like the good parents they are, they sought treatment immediately, sending him to get a surgery that’d help him survive.

Luckily, the surgery went well — while there are still elements of the tumor present, his scans have showed that Gabriel was in stable condition. But based on this successful surgery, Gabriel was left with a constant reminder of what happened, in the form of a big scar.

Like many would be, Gabriel was a little self conscious about the scar, thinking it made him look like a monster. So, his Dad, Josh, did quite possibly the best thing ever to alleviate his pain — he got a matching tattoo of the scar to show solidarity. “I told him if people wanted to stare, they could stare at both of us,” he said to Buzzfeed.

Josh went one step further, entering the St. Baldrick’s Foundation Best Bald Dad competition — a fantastic, inspiring competition for Dads who shave their head to support their sick children. Submitting a picture of him and his son, they won the 2016 title. Here’s his submission, along with the runners up. As you can see, it was a tough call — every Dad looks absolutely handsome next to his sweet, smiling kid.

Josh addressed the win on his personal Facebook page. “The truth is I’m no better [than] any of the other contestants,” he said. “We are all great [fathers] that would go to any extent to help our children so in my eyes we’re all winners!”

The support for Gabriel keeps growing and growing. If you want to send some love, and show some support, you can join his official Facebook page which provides updates courtesy of his parents, or give a financial donation to his GoFundMe.