Madison Vanderberg
Updated Dec 20, 2017 @ 3:54 pm

Today in “that is strange, yet adorable” news: a woman’s heart-shaped baby bump has gone viral. That’s definitely not something you see every day, but according to medical facts, the unique bump shape has a pretty basic explanation.

Spanish model Gala Caldirola shared an Instagram photo of her growing bump on December 8th, and the bump seriously looks like a heart. She captioned the post in Spanish, and thanks to Google translate, we have a little more intel on this one-of-a-kind bump.

Her caption states that her uterus was already heart-shaped, which explains the bump shape. According to, the official term for this is a bicornuate uterus and is when the uterus has two horns, which resembles a heart. Only 3% of women are born with a uniquely shaped uterus, and of this 3%, a bicornuate uterus is the most common condition.

According to Caldirola’s Instagram, she is six months along.

What better way to celebrate a child conceived with love than with a heart-shaped uterus? Let’s share a collective “awww” for medical anomalies.