WTF are goji berries?

Our “WTF” series will focus on one elusive health term that maybe you’ve heard of but never fully understood. So, please, allow us to clear things up and break it all down for you.

For a berry so small, the purported health benefits of the goji berry (also referred to as wolfberry) are kind of magnificent.

Nutritional facts regarding phytochemical, vitamin and mineral contents vary among varieties of the goji berry and depend on freshness levels, but the berry is most well known for its antioxidant levels, protein levels, beta-carotene levels and the number of amino acids (18!) contained within a single serving. All of the nutrients above are what contribute to making them sought after items in health food stores across the nation.

While more studies must be done to confirm these findings as indisputable, those who consume goji berries do say they can feel the difference. Plus, they’re celeb-endorsed, and these specific health benefits are the reasons why.



Skin Health

Eye Health

Cancer Therapy


Mood and Energy

Blood Sugar


Goji berries aren’t cheap, but they do come in a variety of forms including powders and tonics, and they are available both online and in health food stores. One of the best ways to consume the fruit, which tastes like a cross between cherries and cranberries, is to simply eat them in small handfuls — they make a damn tasty dried fruit snack.

A more economical way to include goji berries in your diet could be to purchase granola bars containing them or including the seeds in smoothies. Make sure whatever form you choose is organic and naturally sourced to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

As wonderful as goji berries are, some studies have reported negative side effects if they are taking blood thinners or if they have an LTP allergy. Always speak to your doctor if you are taking any medications or have health concerns before adding any kind of supplement or superfood to your diet, especially when pregnant or breastfeeding.