Gina Florio
Updated June 19, 2017 11:24 am

We take all sorts of daily measures to make sure our natural scent doesn’t get too potent for our neighbors. Apparently deodorant and floral soap aren’t the only ways to keep you smelling fresh. Workout perfumes are now a popular buy for many folks who want to take precaution in the summer heat.

The popular perfume subscription service Scentbird reported that “workout fragrances” are one of the most commonly searched terms on their site at the moment. You might be confused by the concept of workout perfumes, but if you want to learn more, read on.

Anne McClain, founder and perfumer of Brooklyn’s MCMC Fragrances, talked to Women’s Health about workout perfumes and the best way is to use them.

Perfumes ruled by fresh, citrus-like scents are your best bet.

You don’t want anything too heavy lingering on your skin if you’re going to exercise, so McClain highly recommends workout perfumes that are dominated by light or fruity notes. You’ll feel more energized than you would with a deeper or muskier smell.

You may want to go with an roller rather than a spray.

Perfume sprays have longer staying power, which is great for when you need your scent to stick around for the full day, but you’re only going to the gym, and you don’t want anything that will cling too closely to your skin. That’s why McClain suggested an oil you can roll onto your skin, like around your wrists and behind your ears.

Finally, make sure you don’t put on your workout perfume right before you walk into the gym or yoga studio. Dab some on at least 20 minutes before get your sweat on, or else the scent will be a tad too strong to handle.