When we’re trying to stay healthy, it can be SO easy to get caught up in that number on the scale. But Instagrammer Claire Maxwell is proving that scales can be meaningless — and totally mess with our heads and self-perceptions when it comes to fitness.

Maxwell — an ICU nurse and fitness blogger— unintentionally lost 13 pounds after breaking her jaw and being forced to go on an all-liquid diet. And even though she had been a perfectly healthy weight at 130 before her accident, she admitted that she became overly-interested in the new number on the scale.

She accompanied the message with a side-by-side photo of her lower weight (on the left), and a photo of herself after she had returned to her pre-accident weight.

She continued her post, writing, “I didn’t think I looked unhealthy. I thought I looked fine…lean even. It wasn’t until I saw this photo on the left that I remember thinking, “oh, shit…definitely do not have a butt anymore” 😂 Which yes, is funny to an extent…but ☝🏼 it’s also a little scary how something can be so engrained in us (a lower number on the scale) and [we] embody that without even knowing it.”.

This is SO important to not only hear, but to internalize. Health and fitness are not determined by how much we weigh, but it can be so easy to forget. Thanks so much for this important reminder, Claire!