Gabriela Herstik
February 15, 2017 12:03 pm

How many of us actually wake up looking #flawless? Maybe if you’re Beyoncé, but for most of us it takes some work to look like, well, us! That’s why we love that Megan Jayne Crabbe just got really, really real on her latest Instagram post.

Megan, aka “bodyposipanda,” posted two photos, taken less than 24 hours apart, side-by-side, to show what it’s like to be your best self, and to be your real self. The first photo Megan posted was taken when she was all glamed up for a photoshoot — skin gleaming, rainbow hair curling just right, eyebrows arched to perfection and a sweet smile on her lips. The photo on the left, however, shows Megan at a way more vulnerable place — aka no makeup, hair up, no smile playing on her lips.

The body-positive activist wrote wrote on the post that she had just suffered a debilitating anxiety attack that left her on the floor, face numb, anxiety brain on high.

Megan uses Instagram as a platform to share her story and journey overcoming an eating disorder, dealing with mental illness, and learning to love her body. In the caption of this post, she wrote,

We couldn’t agree more.

Every body is perfect, everyone deserves to be loved, and struggling with mental illness doesn’t make you “less than.” To de-stigmatize mental illness we must continue to talk about it, share our stories, and support one another in our own journeys. We think Megan is a prime example of how to do just that.

Social media has the ability to empower others because when we speak our own truth, we’re more than likely speaking someone else’s as well. And when we join forces and face this battle head on, hand in hand, there really isn’t anything we can’t do.