Cameron Glover
December 23, 2016 12:56 pm
Love What Matters/Facebook

The holiday season is a time for lots of indulgences, and while no one’s telling you to resist a slice of pie or another plate, it can be harmful to remain content with that indulgence without some balance. With New Year’s Resolution season right around the corner, many of us are on the lookout for new ways to get in shape. And this woman is our fitness hero, because she is the first certified Zumba instructor with Down syndrome.

24-year-old San Francisco resident Yulissa Arescurenaga is making history and pushing back against ableist stereotypes.

Her dedication and commitment to training and making exercise more enjoyable for others has paid off — her dream is now a reality. After attending her first Zumba class back in 2008, getting her own certification became her ultimate goal.

Regular attendees of Yulissa’s classes love her energy and commitment to fitness, too. Now, she leads multiple classes per week and helps people in her community (and beyond) get fit. How cool is that?

Yulissa isn’t the only woman with Down syndrome defying ableist expectations of what she can and cannot do.

HelloGiggles also wrote about Collette Divitto, a woman in Boston who recently opened her own cookie business after experiencing difficulty getting hired by other businesses. We commend women like Yulissa  and Collette who don’t take no for an answer and dare to follow their dreams.