Olivia Harvey
February 06, 2017 2:16 pm
Twitter / Jane Oranika

It’s very safe to say that everyone has flaws of some sort. Although the term “flaw” has a negative connotation, the flaws that we all have are what make each of us unique and beautiful. 19-year-old Jane Oranika from Montgomery, Alabama knows this and is doing something to bolster positive vibes during the current political uneasiness.

Oranika tweeted out a video of herself rapping about her own flaws to the tune of Beyoncé’s “Ego.” She hashtagged the video #EgoChallenge and asked for others to join in. Oranika wrote, “we all have flaws and it’s better to brag about them to be insecure.”

Oh, absolutely. Let’s get this thing trending.

BuzzFeedNews reached out to Oranika to ask her about her motives behind creating the #EgoChallenge.

She wants to teach people the value of self-love. Oranika told BuzzFeed News, “If we vocalize and normalize our differences, we can get past them and grow together.” So far, Oranika’s movement is gaining traction and creating waves.

Can’t rap? Please feel free to sing your damn hearts out!

More and more #EgoChallenge videos are being uploaded by the minute, so don’t miss your chance to hop on this train. Jane Oranika, you started something great. We thank you and we cannot wait to see more positivity streaming through the Interweb!