Caitlin Flynn
November 02, 2016 6:07 pm

Aside from miserable cramps, one of the biggest signs that we’re about to get our period is the sudden urge to reach for our favorite chocolatey treat. Thanks to new research, we finally know why we crave chocolate before our periods — and science has proven that it’s not just in our heads.

If you find yourself eating more carbs and chocolate during your period, you have plenty of company — and a scientific reason why.


So, if your body craves chocolate, it’s likely because consuming the food will make up for this deficiency. The authors also think that more energy is expended during the luteal phase, which could explain why our caloric intake spikes right before that time of the month.


In short, a change in eating habits and weight during the different phases of your ovulation cycle are totally natural. As it turns out, there really is a scientific reason we get a hankering for chocolate when we’re PMSing — so go ahead and reach for a treat. At least there’s one upside to PMS, right?