Whitney Port
Credit: Theo Wargo/ Getty Images

Whitney Port, former star of the The Hills and The City, has certainly been keeping busy since the hit reality shows went off the air. She created her own fashion line, Whitney Eve; published a book (called True Whit) — and just announced she’s expecting!

We caught up with Port at the launch of her charming new collection of disposable tableware for Cheeky, and got the lowdown on all things Port-pregnancy. “Pregnancy has not been easy for me,” she admitted. “I’m not going to say that it’s all glowy skin and sunshine and butterflies.”

But despite all the “weird things” happening to her body, and feeling “gross all the time” during her first trimester, she’s excited about what’s to come: “There’s a fine line between complaining and dealing with it,” she said. “I try to be positive, because it is such a wonderful thing.”

Here, Port shares four tips that have helped her stay calm and balanced through the early stages of her pregnancy.

Go Ahead, Treat Yourself

Though pampering yourself may be the last thing on your brain while you’re so focused on the baby in your belly, Port highly recommends finding little ways to make yourself feel good. “When you’re pregnant, your body is working really hard, so it’s important to take that down-time,” she said. Port does her best to fit in the occasional manicure, pedicure, and even extra-long massages to help her feel “whole again.” She noted that the key is to be gentle and kind to your body: ”Don’t be so hard on yourself to keep up, and really [take] time to relax.”

Continue With Life As Normal

While pregnancy can make you feel like your entire world is flipping upside down, Port is determined to stick to her usual routine: “I’m trying to keep my life as normal as possible, so when the baby comes, it’s not a huge shock,” she said. “For me, that means continuing to work, and sleeping enough so I actually have the energy to work.” She did note that it was tough to maintain normalcy in her first trimester, because she felt so sick. “But for my second trimester I have a lot more energy, so I’m trying to take advantage of this time.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Break a Sweat

There are many misconceptions about whether or not it’s safe to work out when you’re expecting. While it’s important to speak with your doctor about your fitness routine, if you’re already an active person, it’s generally fine to keep exercising through your pregnancy. And Port strongly stands by this notion: “I haven’t changed my workout that much—I’m doing SoulCycle still, which I’ve been told to do up until I feel uncomfortable,” she said. “Working out has really helped me get the endorphins running and feel a lot more confident.”

Practice Mindfulness

You’ve heard about the mind-body benefits of mindfulness time and again. And according to Port, the practice has worked magic during her pregnancy. For anyone who struggles to get in the Zen zone, Port recommends apps like Headspace, or following a guided meditation online. She also points out that you can really practice mindfulness anytime, anywhere—whether it’s breathing exercises on the subway, repeating positive affirmations during a quiet moment at your desk, or even using exercise as a time to be present in your body. As Port put it: “Those little moments can really make a big difference in your day.”

This article originally appeared in Health by Kristine Thomason.