Nurse holding mixed race baby girl
Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty Images

In the last few years, the anti-vaccination debate has been a force to be reckoned with. According to NY Mag, one mom who was 100% on board with the anti-vax movement ended up changing her mind pretty rapidly the moment her entire family fell ill. Unfortunately, this incident pretty much shows maybe folks should do a little more research before falling prey to popular health trends like this one.

Kristen O’Meara was very much against vaccinations, and, as a result, didn’t have her kids — one 5-year-old and twin 3-year-olds — vaccinated. But then her entire family got rotavirus, which is seriously not fun.

In a New York Post article, the mom explained,

Since her family got sick, her tune has shifted drastically.

The anti-vaccination movement continues to impact health practices around the country, with one study saying that 87 percent of pediatricians have dealt with parents who refuse to have their kids vaccinated. A lot of it comes down to fears of autism, which, many people on the spectrum argue paints autism as a horrible tragedy somehow worse than the multitude of diseases we’ve been able to fade out thanks to vaccines.

She wrapped things up, saying,

Her kids are now all fully vaccinated.