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If you wish you knew how to cultivate a daily habit when it comes to your health, look no further. HelloGiggles spoke to 15 wellness experts to see what their favorite daily habits are, so we can learn from the best. After all, once we get through the rough patch, the first few weeks, sticking to new habits becomes easier.

Of course, there are all kinds of ways to help make a habit stick. You can use the buddy system or you can hang up a calendar so you can make a big “X” through the day once your daily mission is accomplished. Whatever keeping-your-new-habit tricks you use, the wellness experts below have mastered the art of having a favorite daily habit, and sticking to it. We could all learn a thing or two from them.

Carlene Thomas, RDN, Healthfully Ever After

Scott Keatley, RD, Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy

Dr. Chinwe Williams, Meaningful Solutions, Counseling and Consulting, and Associate Professor at Argosy University

Carley Schweet, INHC, Mindfulness-Based Life Coach & Natural Wellness Consultant

Cynthia Pong, JD, Coach & Facilitator, Embrace Change Consulting LLC

Calli De La Haye, Co-Founder of Kalimukti Yoga

Leah de Souza-Thomas, Health & Wellness Specialist, The Thrive Practice

Michael S. Gross, Be Your Own Wingman

Michele Jennae, Holistic Creativity Coach and Reiki Practitioner

Pat Connelly, Founder/CEO, Corevity

Richard Wilcock, Owner/Lead Trainer at Flagship Fitness

Mary Ann Clements, Founder and Director of Jijaze

Martise Moore, Founder of GreenRunner

Kelsey Torgerson, MSW, LCSW, Compassionate Counseling

Jacqui Burge, Founder of Desk Yogi

Eamonn Leaver, Psychologist and Founder The Home Fit Freak