Gina Florio
March 14, 2017 4:48 pm

When someone finds out they’re pregnant in the movies, it’s either because of a missed period or because they’re puking their brains out. There are plenty of offbeat, weird signs you might be pregnant, though, and although these generally aren’t featured on the big screen, they’re definitely worth knowing about. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or avoid babies altogether, it pays to know be equipped with as much knowledge as possible, because you don’t want to miss out on something that could help you plan your future.

Your whole body starts to change shortly after you become pregnant, so there are a lot of different signals your body tries to send you when you’re pregnant. All you have to do is learn what they are, so when they show up you know exactly what to do with them. Of course, if at any point you feel like you might be pregnant, give Google a rest and call up your doctor. They’ll be able to answer all the burning questions you might have about what the next step is for you.

Here are nine weird signs you could be pregnant.

1. Your nose is stuffy

The hormones in your body go rogue when you fall pregnant, which affects many different parts of your body. You might battle a runny nose, because the hormones and increased blood production cause your mucous membranes to swell up. That will likely leave you blowing your nose at all hours of the day, even though you know you’re not actually sick. It’s technically called rhinitis of pregnancy, and it affects 30 percent of pregnant women.

2. You’re sweating for no reason

Your internal temperature is slightly raised when you’re pregnant, and at the same time your metabolism is working a lot faster than usual. That will all result in your sweating during moments when you’re not particularly active. The perspiration might show up in odd places, like your belly or your legs, so chat with a doctor if you find that you’re sweating for virtually no reason.

3. You’re constantly drooling

It sounds really strange, but believe it or not, your mouth produces a boatload of saliva when you’re pregnant. As a result, you might feel like a toddler who simply can’t stop drooling all over themselves. It’s called ptyalism or sialorrhea, and it might be particularly strong when you’re experiencing morning sickness.

4. Your nipples get really big and dark

Your body is preparing you for nursing a newborn, which means your nipples are gearing up for breastfeeding. They darken up because of the change in hormones, and some experts say this is also to make it easier for your baby to find your nipple for feeding. You might see some new bumps forming on your nipples as well.

5. Your shoes don’t fit anymore

Many pregnant women report that their feet feel bigger as soon as they’re pregnant. This is a really common side effect due to all the fluid that’s building up in your ankles and feet, so don’t be alarmed if your shoes don’t fit and your pregnancy test comes out positive.

6. You keep having weird dreams

It’s reported women have all kinds of vivid dreams when they’re pregnant. The change in hormones results in all the new dreaming, and women also tend to remember more of their dreams when they’re pregnant. It could also be attributed to the fact that pregnant women require more sleep, which leaves them with more chances to dream.

7. Your pets are acting funny around you

Dogs and cats understand a lot more about the human experience than we give them credit for. They can sense when a woman is pregnant, which could be because of the hormonal and pheromonal changes, so they start acting a little weird around her. If they start paying you a lot of attention and you can’t figure out why, it might be time to invest in a pregnancy test.

8. The skin on your face changes colors

Your face might experience something called melasma when you fall pregnant, which causes the color of your skin to change, particularly around your nose, cheeks, and forehead. It’s not permanent, so don’t be alarmed, but your body is trying to send you a message.

9. You have inexplicable heartburn

More than half of pregnant women report uncomfortable heartburn during their pregnancy. This likely occurs, once again, because of the hormonal changes, which can potentially affect the muscles in your digestive tract. Your body tolerates food differently as well when you’re pregnant so you might find that certain foods don’t sit well with you like they did before.

If any of these symptoms show up in your life, especially if they’re paired with common side effects such as morning sickness or a missed period, take a pregnancy test and speak to your doctor immediately. The sooner you know you’re pregnant, the sooner you can take care of yourself — in whatever way you see fit.