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Remember those running shoes that made your precious tootsies look like frog feet (or the “foot glove”, anyone?). Turns out it was all the kickoff of a fad called toe stretching which has got a few foot enthusiasts toetally excited. Check out this loyal following:

Let’s get this out of the way: Toe yoga sounds …not real. But neither did avocado masks or spinach smoothies at first. After reading some pretty consistent reviews from enthusiastic toe stretchers like singer Sia and comedian Miranda Hart (who says toe stretchers cured her foot condition that was keeping her from her acting career), maybe there’s something to it after all.

Just read this explanation from @evolutionhealth’s Instagram on the benefits of spacing out those ten little piggies:

We’re certainly guilty of cramming our feet into countless pairs of cute-but-cramped pointed toe flats. Maybe toe stretching is the answer? Paint on a quick pedi while your toes are doing some downward dog and you’re officially a multitasking genius.