Kenya Foy
January 11, 2017 4:16 pm
Jansen Howard /

People have a LOT to say about mothers breastfeeding in public, and as it turns out, the are just as many folks who can’t stop watching this video of breast milk under a microscope. So what’s so interesting about watching tiny liquid particles moving?

Well, that’s a fair question to ask (and a crystal clear indicator that you maybe totally don’t love science), but if you consider for a second how fascinating seemingly ordinary stuff looks when you enlarge it a million times, then we just know you’ll totally want to watch this video of breast milk in motion.

Besides, talking about (and staring at) breast milk helps normalize breastfeeding, which we are all about, so let’s get into this video, which was shared by artist Jansen Howard on Facebook.

Pretty cool, right? Thanks to Howard’s sentimental words, we’ve never been so pumped (no pun intended) to see milk in our lives. Also, hearing the baby talking in the background is giving us warm, fuzzy feelings and an overwhelming appreciation for moms everywhere. Oh, and their breasts, which are the real badasses for producing this life-sustaining “living liquid gold.”

Yes, we totally just gave nursing moms and their breasts a shout-out, and we’re not sorry about it. Continue being the badasses that you are, breastfeeding moms, and we’ll continue to be inspired by your commitment to put your child’s needs first, even if it makes some small-minded members of our society uncomfortable.