Kenya Foy
February 22, 2017 4:00 pm
BBC The Social /

As proof that the internet never disappoints, a video of men in kilts doing yoga exists. The mere mention of the word “yoga” typically causes us to morph into zen mode, but we are not going to be able to rest, relax or clear our minds until we have this NSFW (!) kilted yoga sitch all sorted out. It’s healthy tension though, so stay with us.

According to Cosmo, this BBC Social video provides a one-minute glimpse at a group of kilted men practicing Forrest Yoga, which was founded by renowned healer and yoga pioneer Ana Forrest.

So, you know how we all kind of tilted our heads to the side at people doing yoga on horses?

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Well, we hope your neck muscles are ready for a full, 180-degree head swivel because there’s a reason this video has gone viral to the tune of 35 million Facebook views and counting. Yoga instructor Finlay Wilson and professional ice hockey player/model Tristan Cameron-Harpe are literally letting it all hang out while getting their pose on, and the internet clearly cannot deal.

Because we enjoy teasing you (tee hee), here’s a preview of the kilt-wearing gentleman looking fierce and focused:

And now for the moment you’ve been shamelessly waiting on. Keep your eyes peeled for what is probably the most cheeky handstand ever:

And that, people, is how you do yoga. Obviously, Wilson and Cameron-Harpe must’ve felt like yoga pants would prevent them from making a deeper connection with nature, or they just really wanted to show off their butts.

So, who’s down to join us in watching this video a few more (million) times?