These days we spend a lot of time talking about Serena Williams during the US Open, which is important, because Serena is killing it this year. But we also can’t forget about her older sister, Venus Williams, who after a few years off, has returned to tennis as awesome as ever. Venus made a huge splash at Wimbledon this year, because she made it all the way to the semifinals. She has been playing tennis in major tournaments for 19 years, because she is a baller.

Venus shared her diet for the days leading up to the US Open, and we learned a lot.

Credit: Mike Hewitt / Getty

At 36, Venus is still in killer shape, and we wonder if we followed some of her diet, maybe we can come close to that kind of awesome… although will still have to learn how to play tennis really well.

Venus eats her biggest meal for lunch.

Venus wrote down her meals for Cosmopolitan, and she told them that she usually works out in the morning, so she eats a larger meal for lunch. She keeps it pretty clean with a lentils and quinoa, sweet potatoes, cabbage and soba noodles, or brown rice, beans and shrimp. We can definitely hang with her plan of fiber-heavy carbs and veggies with lunch.

She also drinks a lot of protein shakes and green juices.

Venus says that because she is on the go so much, she needs energy, so she drinks protein shakes and green juice to keep her energy up. We are definitely all about the juice, but sometimes we don’t add in the protein in our shakes. Maybe we should rock a little more protein!

Venus doesn’t skip breakfast.

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There are a lot of excuses for why we’re not ready in the morning, but seeing as we don’t play several hours of tennis while also running an interior design business AND a fashion line, we can’t really say we’re busier than Venus. She ate breakfast every day that she logged. She had things like granola and almond milk, an egg white omelet and on her match morning, she even warmed up some fried rice. So now we don’t even have an excuse to skip it if we don’t like breakfast food!

She snacks a lot.

We’ve been hearing for years that frequent smaller meals or snacks are better than larger ones, and Venus definitely abides by that. Along with her juices and smoothies, Venus snacks on organic fruit snacks, dates and cashews. We can definitely get behind all of those, and a good snack always helps to keep our energy high.

She’s not depriving herself.

While Venus eats super healthy, she’s not depriving herself of delicious things. She still has things like the occasional milkshake, cheese, and she loves Caesar salad with real Caesar dressing.

Venus has clearly got it all together, and we are definitely going to steal some of her secrets.