Olivia Harvey
Updated Aug 07, 2017 @ 3:28 pm

Although social media can spread a lot of negativity, it can more importantly form positive and supportive communities. And do we have the perfect Monday example.

It all started when a certain Twitter user tweeted out that women “over 130 lbs” shouldn’t wear short-shorts or crop tops, sparking the worst storm of like-minded negativity. HOWEVER, tons of women clapped back against the ridiculous statement, posting photos of their beautiful bodies in all the clothes they’re not “supposed” to wear.

One of the strongest clapbacks came from a Twitter user who goes by the name Kale. Kale compiled a collection of the body-shaming tweets, all of which claimed that women over a certain weight should not wear a variety of clothing items.

Kale decided to stick it to the body shamers and show what a girl over 130 lbs looks like in crop tops, short shorts, and leggings. ROCK ON.

Yeah…she totally shouldn’t be wearing these outfits…(please note the sarcasm). Girl looks amazing!


And Kale’s post was only a small part of the amazing Twitter revolution. So many other Twitter users also shared their own gorgeous crop top, short shorts, and leggings photos for all the shamers to see.

Go, girls, go!




While the sad reality is that there will likely always be people out there on the interwebs focused on making us feel ashamed, we should always remember that we all have the power to help build each other up and spread the love.

To all the women who spoke up: THANK YOU! Now let’s all flood the internet with good vibes.