Credit: Instagram/Shannon Doherty

If you’ve been following Shannon Doherty’s fierce battle with breast cancer, you’ll know that she has been undergoing grueling chemo treatments since her diagnosis last year. E News let us know that Tori Spelling sent her support to Doherty after her cancer reportedly spread to the lymph nodes, and we’re glad that her friends are banding together to form a pillar of strength (Sarah Michelle Gellar recently voiced support for Doherty on Insta and it melted our hearts).

Spelling and Doherty acted together in Beverly Hills, 90210, so they go way, way back.

Of course, we’ve been tracking Doherty’s Insta posts, which include post-chemo dance videos, tennis matches, inspirational messages, and lots of positive vibes — even on days where she’s shaving her head, receiving injections, or just too tired to do anything.

Spelling added that she recognizes how brave Doherty has been throughout this journey, and we certainly know this to be true.

Along with Tori Spelling, we’re sending all the love and healing wishes to Shannon Doherty. Our hearts are going out to you lady.

H/T: People