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Updated Jan 13, 2017 @ 1:03 pm
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This story is a little frustrating, so prepare yourself. This guy (Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Matt Garza) told Jessica Chastain that abstinence was the best birth control and we’re here to tell you all the facts.

On Thursday, the Senate voted against having contraception available to women for free, and the Miss Sloane actress is NOT happy about it. During the Senate meeting, the Affordable Care Act was voted down, so politicians are on their way to getting rid of it all together.

The Initial Tweets

“If you are not ready to provide for a family, if you want to finish school, if you want to build a career, protect yourself. #IUD @PPact,” she added.

When someone tweeted about women just paying for it themselves, Chastain had the perfect response as well.

“A low income woman should be responsible for $150 a month? Try again. Thats how you keep women poor & out of the workforce #BirthControl,” she wrote.

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The Abstinence Plea

While all of Chastain’s points are valid and very well-informed, there was one guy who went even further saying that birth control is all about abstinence, but it’s not the only way.

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, Garza spoke out against Chastain’s thoughts on Friday and things are getting heated.

Things are actually much more complicated than Garza says, and sometimes abstinence isn’t the best and only solution.

Here’s What You Need To Know

For starters birth control has many forms, including pills, IUDs, and yes, abstinence. In addition to helping keep women from getting pregnant, there are also other benefits to birth control.

If the Senate is successful in officially repealing Obamacare and shutting down the Affordable Care Act (it was not completely stopped last night), there is a lot that will change.

Women will no longer be able to get free birth control, which is one of the many services Planned Parenthood has been offering over the years.

If the act is repealed then women would have to pay for contraception of any kind (aka insurance would no longer cover it), even if it’s being used in regards to easing one’s period pains, regulating hormones, or preventing pregnancies that would otherwise be deadly because of other medications the woman might be taking. There would now be no copay-free contraception anywhere, which would be terrible for all women, not just young girls or women with hard financial issues.

Planned Parenthood is also at risk of being shut down once and for all, with its federal funding possibly getting pulled. This would lead to even more women being without any sort of healthcare. Plus, pregnancy rates could (and most likely would) rise and disease could spread. Not to mention the horrors of DIY abortions could come back to America.

If you want to help secure women’s health future, you too can join Planned Parenthood’s effort to keep the Affordable Health Care Act in tact. Check out their site for more details.

Everything from keeping the organization alive, to what sort of birth control is available…including, abstaining from sex altogether, are included.