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We are LOVING the openness we’re seeing from the world of ~fitness Instagram~ this year regarding body image and body positivity. While Instagram can quickly become a deep, dark hole of negative “fitspiration” that makes you feel like crap about yourself, there are also parts of Instagram that actually do seek to motivate and encourage, and fitness Instagrammer Lucy Baker opened up about how she uses Instagram — and why you shouldn’t compare your body to hers, or anyone else’s.

Baker explained,

To help bust the myth that everyone leading the pack in the world of Instagram fitness has a “perfect” bod 24/7, she posted her own comparison photos, and we’re so grateful for this amazing lady right now.

At the end of the day, Baker says, you can’t let yourself get tricked by everything you see on social media.

So there you have it, fitness lovers! While we all get a little sucked into the world of of Insta fitness, it’s *so* important to remember that, in the same way we take dozens of selfies before finding the perfect ones, these guys are experts in finding the right lighting (and the right filter!) to make their bodies look bangin’. After all, for fitness Instagrammers, this is a major part of their job, and, too, those who compete literally take classes training them on how to pose.

Don’t compare yourself to the experts! Love your body just the way it is.