Olivia Harvey
December 19, 2016 4:02 pm

No matter how many times we’re told that all bodies are beautiful due to their unique differences, it’s sometimes hard to accept a part of your body that you’ve never seen as beautiful. Sara Puhto, a vegan and fitness blogger, posted an eye-opening side-by-side photo on her Instagram showing her photoshopped figured in comparison to her natural figure. For some, it might be hard to spot the difference between the two pictures. But for Puhto, sharing this Photoshopped image of her waistline is a positive milestone in the journey to accepting her insecurities.

She continued, “It sounds cheesy but I honestly think it’s because I finally accept my insecurities and now feel like I’m loving them.”

Puhto explained how she always wanted a “curvy, tiny waist,” and how she strived to look like all the other girls who had those waists. She said that seeing the promotion of waist trainers upset her. “I know they don’t really work,” Puhto wrote, “and I’d never be able to use one anyway cause it would mess up the titanium in my spine.”

She decided it wasn’t worth thinking about what she wanted to change about her body. It was time to show it love instead.

In the caption of her Photoshopped picture Puhto writes:

Sara, you are truly an inspiration! [