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Anyone who has ever settled in a new city knows how frustrating it can be to research and find a sexual health care provider. Fed up with having to jump through so many hoops just to see a doctor, one woman made Gynopedia, an open-source website to help women find and connect with sexual health providers all over the world.

Thus, Gynopedia was born.

The open-source database offers free information about how to find sexual and reproductive health care no matter where you are. Users can search by major city and learn where to go for exams, STI tests, safe abortions, or to obtain emergency contraception.

The wiki also outlines the way people in the region treat or stigmatize certain issues surrounding women’s health, and includes information tailored to the LGBTQ community

This helps make it so users can feel safe and informed before making an appointment.

Three cheers for keeping women informed and healthy, no matter what country they’re in.