Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Dec 21, 2016 @ 7:14 am
Credit: @kellyufit

While we wish it weren’t true, being body positive isn’t always easy. Often, it’s so much easier to begin your journey of body positivity by loving other people’s bodies, but learning to really love and respect your own body can be rough. So we were extremely moved when self-proclaimed body-positive ED warrior Kelly U, aka @kellyufit, opened up about her own struggles with body positivity. The body positive Instagrammer wrote an extremely moving ode to her body as it is, and we’re honestly cheering her on.

When you consider that, according to the National Eating Disorders Association, 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States, have an eating disorder at some point in during their lives, it’s *so* important and valuable when people like Kelly are open and unashamed about their struggles. But we know it isn’t easy to deal with an eating disorder, let alone to be this public with one.

In her post, Kelly explained,

She continued, saying,

We have so much love and respect for this brave body positive Instagrammer, and we’re sending her all the best vibes!