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Bringing a baby into this world is, from what we hear, an endlessly magical process that is different for every woman. From pregnancy, to birthing a baby, and to actually raising the child, each woman has different reasons for choosing various paths along the way — such as how to conceive and whether or whether not to do things such as take an epidural or breastfeed — and all choices that value the baby and the mother are respected. We all know this now, right? Well, apparently, one nameless birth photographer out there doesn’t and recently shamed a pregnant woman for having a c-section. We honestly can’t believe what we’re reading.

Blogger Sanctimommy shared via Facebook that another woman’s birthing photographer decided to not take photos of her birthing process because, according to the photog, having a c-section is “cutting corners.” WHAT?

Here’s the full exchange:

Let’s talk about all of the things in this text exchange that make our blood boil.

“That is not birth no matter how you swing it.” Umm, so, the baby starts in in the womb, and then said baby is later alive outside of the womb. The baby has been brought into the world. How has that baby not been BIRTHED?

“If you decide to give motherhood a go.” WHAT.

And, good lord, the condescending tone: “my dear”. UGHHHHH. “This motherhood job is hard.” UGHHHHHH!!!!!!

Luckily, the mommy-to-be is receiving lots and lots of snarky support on Facebook.

One commenter writes, “They didn’t cut any corners with my c-section, they cut my lower abdomen.” Lol.

“So pissed I can’t even make a joke,” writes another. “I was in labour for 46 hours after being induced 10 days late. My daughter was coming down facing my left, got stuck at 8 cm and pooped. On top of that, I had to be sedated for my c-section because I could feel everything! There is nothing easy about caring for a newborn when you’ve been surgically cut in half!”

We can’t imagine!

And this one is one of our favorites: “Happy Removal Day to you! Happy Removal Day to you! Happy Removal Day to my children, who I obviously don’t love enough to have a working vagina for





Lolol. We’re glad these women are helping this mommy-to-be feel better and for emphasizing that having a c-section is no less real than a traditional vaginal birth. We love all of the positivity, and we hope this woman found a new, far less judgmental photographer!