Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Jul 13, 2016 @ 3:21 pm
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As if dealing with acne wasn’t bad enough, it’s seeming like those of us who rely on antibiotics are at risk of something doctors are calling “super acne.”

Doctors conducted a study on those who use antibiotic treatments to help with their acne and found that using antibiotics for a prolonged period can end up accidentally training the bacteria that causes pimples to grow. Basically, the bacteria is around the antibiotic so long that it figures out how to survive despite the antibiotic — making it even more difficult, if not impossible, to treat acne.

Instead of relying on antibiotics for years upon years to clear up stubborn zits, doctors recommend trying out other remedies. The idea is that it’s better for people with stubborn pimples to try out a cream or other product alongside the antibiotic so that when it’s time to step away from the harsh antibiotic, you’re continuing at least one treatment in the form of a more gentle cream.

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But don’t panic! If you’re a person with acne who relies on antibiotic, just know that switching things up may be a good idea.

Also, remember that your worth doesn’t depend on whether or not you have perfectly clear skin. Many people have struggled with zits way past their teens (even though it often feels like we should be over skin issues once that hormonal time passes!) but it doesn’t mean they aren’t still beautiful. Remember this: You are not alone, and don’t let your skin condition define who you are and your value!