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September 22, 2016 2:12 pm
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When it comes to birth control, there are SO many options that sometimes it can feel overwhelming. One of our favorites is the IUD, aka the inter-uterine device, which is a device that is implanted in the uterus that prevents pregnancy with only a small amount of hormones. IUDs have become increasingly popular in the last few years, because they last for years and don’t come with as much chance for human error.

There’s a new IUD on the market called Kyleena, and it’s specifically targeted for women who haven’t had a child.

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For a long time, IUDs were considered an option for only women who had had children. As Huffington Post reports, there was a worry that IUDs could be linked to infertility, but that has been proven wrong. However, the stigma that IUDs are the wrong choice for women who haven’t yet had kids has lingered, which has made some doctors reluctant to recommend IUDs for their patients without kids. Two other IUDs on the market, Liletta and Skyla, are approved for all women as well, but they only last 3 years. Kyleena is the first 5-year IUD that is FDA approved for all women, both those who have had kids and those who haven’t.

Kyleena also provides the lowest dose of hormones of 5-year IUDs.

Besides being approved for all women, another benefit of Kyleena is that it releases a very low dose of hormones and lasts for five years. Kyleena greatly reduces the amount of hormones released by Mirena, the other 5-year hormonal IUD. Kyleena releases only about a quarter of the hormones of Mirena. The benefit of the hormonal IUDs is that they typically cause lighter periods over time. But if you don’t like taking hormones, Paraguard is an IUD that uses no hormones and is instead made with copper, which creates an environment that can’t support sperm.

The main reason we love IUDs is because they are the most effective available birth control.

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IUDs aren’t the most effective because they have more powerful medication, they’re most effective because they eliminate the human error. Unlike the pill or condoms, an IUD can’t be neglected, and that helps decrease the number of unplanned pregnancies.

There are some side effects as with any medications.

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IUDs can have some side effects like bleeding, pelvic pain, and possible risks of ectopic pregnancy. There is also the risk that the device can become dislodged and perforate the uterus. As with any and all health choices, consult your doctor to figure out what works best for you.

We’re glad to see so many options in birth control, because we all need to take good care of our lady bits!