Cameron Glover
Updated Oct 17, 2016 @ 6:29 pm

There’s no debate on how harmful bullying can be. But even with increasing information about the harmful consequences of bullying and the rising number of resources to help bullying victims, kids still constantly face abusive behavior from their peers.

New information about how bullying survivors are affected by these cruel interactions has been made available by the Crisis Text Line, an incredible organization working to provide support for students who are surviving bullying.

According to the research that Crisis Text Line provided exclusively to Teen Vogue, body image is the most commonly referenced issue that bullies use to attack their victims. Crisis Text Line also provides an incredible service called “active rescues,” in which the organization sends out emergency services to kids who have expressed a desire to hurt themselves.


Victims tend to have an increased desire to harm themselves after experiencing cyberbullying than any other kind of bullying.

Along with body image, issues surrounding identity, sexuality, family, and other forms of abuse can also develop when experiencing bullying. Hopefully, this information and the work of this organization can help end bullying once and for all.