Christina Wolfgram
August 22, 2016 6:01 pm
Christina Wolfgram / Hello Giggles

Whether your birth control didn’t work as planned or you are trying to have a baby, taking a pregnancy test is NERVE-RACKING AF. It’s freaking weird not to be able to read your own body, especially if you are full of private thoughts and worries while you are in a very public place, like work or school. Sure, it’s peeing on a stick, but it’s a really personal process! Here are some thing we all think, but maybe never say out loud when it comes to taking a pregnancy test:

1. Am I having cravings or am I just hungry?

Basically, every stomach gurgle feels like a ~major~ sign.

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2. I hope no one can tell I’m kind of freaking out.

Because being pregnant would be amazing! And scary! And amazing! And scary!

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3. Which test should I even buy?

Do I want a test that looks like a mini iPad or one that looks like it’s made of cardboard?

4. Why are pee sticks so dang expensive?

Whatever, take all my money.


“Wait until morning. Don’t drink water. Urinate for exactly 5 seconds.”

6. Maybe I should take ten. Just in case.

From now on, I only pee on sticks.


7. It’s hard to aim!

So in addition to the anxiety of not knowing if I’m pregnant, I might have just peed on my hands.


8. That three-minute wait is pretty much eternity.

And it’s so hard not to sneak peeks at the results window.

9. All that stress is totally worth it once you see one or two lines.

If this sounds familiar, check out our video about the emotional rollercoaster that is taking a pregnancy test.