Sarah Terry
Updated Aug 10, 2016 @ 1:05 pm
ryan lochte
Credit: David Ramos / Getty

We’ve all been following Ryan Lochte as that other Team USA swimmer who isn’t Michael Phelps, because he’s really good at swimming. He has won 6 Olympic Gold Medals and 12 Olympic Medals total. But there was another reason we always loved Ryan. What was it?

Oh yeah, he’s crazy good-looking.

We have long stared at him for his amazing bod and dreamy blue eyes.

We’re pretty sure he can pierce into our soul with those eyes.

But this year at the Olympics, Lochte revealed a new look.

That’s right, Lochte dyed his hair silver-blonde, and we totally dig it!

He looks like a smoldering Targaryen, and his new ‘do totally works with those fierce eyes.

Credit: HelloGiggles / HBO

He definitely gets the Silver Medal for hair, since the hues sort of match.

And clearly, his style isn’t slowing him down at all, because he’s already rocking Gold!