Credit: Richard Berkowitz / Getty Images

Remember how every few years when the summer Olympics roll around, *everyone* and their mothers become OBSESSED with gymnastics? Like, all of a sudden, everyone’s like, “I can’t believe she didn’t stick that landing, she cannot afford these types of errors this far into the games!”

While we’re sad that there’s not any Olympic gymnastic action going on right now, we’ve found the newest athletic event to be absolutely infatuated with — and that sport is jump roping.

The Swedish girls rope skipping team competed at the World Rope Skipping Championships this past August and we have to say, we’re pretty darn impressed with their routine!

The trio performed a *flawless* routine to everyone’s favorite 8th grade pump up song, “Yeah!” by Usher. Seriously, we’re gonna steal some of these moves for when we’re out on the dance floor this weekend because that was insanely cool!

And although Sweden didn’t take home the gold in this year’s competition, they still did great! China’s Hong Kong team actually nabbed the win with this amazing choreography:

BRB, looking up more of these videos to steal some ~moves~ for the clubs this weekend!