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Wow. We just learned that a study has shown that marijuana can assist sufferers of Crohn’s Disease achieve complete remission—and do so with zero side effects, which is truly incredible. The study, published in the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, is an important step in the right direction when it comes to finding a cure for Crohn’s Disease, a chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract.

What makes this study different

While the marijuana plant (known as Cannabis sativa) has long since been found to improve the lives of those with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s Disease, it had never before been investigated in controlled trials. In this study, the group was split in half. Half of the participants were given a placebo and the other half given the drug.

The inside scoop

The study focused on 21 patients who had tried everything from steroids to oral medications called immunomodulators and hadn’t seen satisfactory improvement. They were assessed during and after the 8 weeks of treatment, during which they smoked twice a day —all in the name of ~science~.

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The results

Of those who smoked marijuana (not the placebo), COMPLETE remission was achieved by 5 of 11 subjects. Of those in the placebo group, only one went into remission. And the fact that no one experienced any negative side effects (with those who reported side effects at all saying they were sleeping and eating better than ever) is not only surprising but also truly fantastic.

The future of Crohn’s Disease and weed

While it’s a great start, scientists will continue to conduct even more studies with other patients involved to verify and expand upon the findings (and to also test modes of intake that don’t require smoking). We’re for sure interested in seeing what happens next with this super cool (and *so* important) development.

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