Credit: Instagram/Iskra Lawrence

When riding the subway, you probably don’t expect someone to randomly give an empowering speech about body positivity and then take off their clothes to show how far they’ve come on their journey of self-acceptance. But that officially just happened.

Cosmo let us know that Aerie model and activist Iskra Lawrence stripped down to her underwear while making a plea for body positivity, and we are *so* applauding this courageous act.

In front of complete strangers, Lawrence — who runs a fashion website devoted to body inclusivity — opened up about being shamed by society for having cellulite and not feeling “skinny enough.” She describes how she eventually came to realize that the media had made her believe there was a single standard of beauty. And we for one think she’s absolutely right — the media plays a huge part in how women (and men) perceive their bodies and what is “normal,” and we are just so entirely over it already.

She went on to challenge the subway passengers to see themselves in a more positive light, regardless of their shape, skin color, or anything else. And to that, we say a big, giant YES.

Three cheers for the excellent points from Lawrence. She has officially found some super fans over here at HelloGiggles.