Trilby Beresford
April 13, 2017 9:20 am
Instagram/Natalie Bennett

Okay, so we know that having twins means literally twice as many babies, but we somehow are still utterly amazed by this mom’s side-by-side twin versus singleton pregnancy video. Basically,  she took a video of her body when she was pregnant with twins, and then did it again at the exact same stage of her second, singleton pregnancy.  So simple, yet so mind-blowing.

And for some context, the mom — Natalie Bennett — is a YouTube personality and vlogger who’s been posting pregnancy updates on a regular basis, and she decided to do this comparison to show the world how different these pregnancies were “from a physical and life standpoint.”

Let’s take a look!

The image on the right shows Bennett in her current stage of pregnancy with a baby girl. It — dare we say it — seems like a breeze! (Not that being pregnant in general is ever easy, but…the picture on the left, guys!).

Here’s the whole video, where Bennett describes her stretched skin and rashes, her “huge torpedo belly sticking out like a freaking shelf,” and how difficult it was being pregnant with twins. HOWEVER, the overall message about pregnancy and motherhood is very positive and we’re full of admiration for how she approached everything with gusto.

Yup, not surprising it has over 78,000 views! There’s another pregnancy comparison on her Instagram page:

FYI, her twin boys are impossibly cute:

Thanks for sharing such a personal window into your life, Natalie! It’s inspiring to see someone with such a positive attitude about what we’re sure is an emotionally and physically stressful experience. Best of luck with baby #3!