Olivia Harvey
Updated November 30, 2016

Shannen Doherty is nothing less than an inspiration for all those affected by a cancer diagnosis. Since her own diagnosis back in March of 2015, Doherty hasn’t sugar coated her illness and has let her fans see the honest and ugly side of cancer. Throughout her treatment, the Charmed star has kept followers up to date on the process and her feelings surrounding it. Yesterday, Doherty posted a photo of herself awaiting radiation treatment. And although it’s heartbreaking, she assures others who are in the same situation that it’s okay to be afraid.

Earlier in the month, Doherty shared a photo of herself waiting to receive a CT scan so doctors could map out her radiation treatment. She once again shared how frightened she was for the whole process.

Doherty often shares photos of her support system – aka, her husband, friends and family – reiterating how important it is to be surrounded by people who love you while dealing with illness. Doherty posted these two pics after her radiation treatment.

The most important sentiment to take away from Shannen Doherty’s open and honest treatment process is that those struggling with a similar situation are not alone and it’s okay (and normal) to scared. Express your emotions, ask for help and support, and be with those you love.